Learning Outcomes
After completing this chapter, you should have the ability to

  • understand how to integrate practical counselling into the theory that is taught
  • know the role of the Holy Spirit in counselling
  • understand the terminology related
  • explain that sexual wholeness and sex is God Intended
  • understand what sexual wholeness is and that God had certain priorities and an order with regards to relationships and sexual wholeness
  • discuss the different sexual deviances
  • understand the five main categories of sexual problems, with regards to common perversions, emotional co-dependencies, Sexual Addictions, Teen and Adult survivors of Childhood Molestation and gender confusion
  • examine six reasons why Christian battle with sexuality
  • explore factors that influence sexuality
  • understanding the Biblical approach to sexuality
  • guiding a counselee through the recovery steps to inner healing and sexual wholeness
  • explore some reasons for sexual problems within marriage
  • have Biblical insight in this topic and be able to guide a counselee with confidence and the Holy