Learning Outcomes
After completing this chapter, you should have the ability to

  • understand and discuss the spiritual ignorance
  • understand the basics of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • understand and discuss the importance the dimensions of gifts
  • have knowledge of the basics of prophetic ministry
  • understand the importance and function of the Old Testament Prophets
  • understand the important and function of the prophets in the New Testament dispensation
  • understand and explain the purpose of prophesy
  • comprehend and discuss the levels of prophesy
  • have sound knowledge on the office or ministry of a prophet
  • understand the importance of motivational gifts
  • understand the integrated importance of motivational gifts, charismatic gifts and the ministry
  • have knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of a prophetic word and how to judge it
  • have knowledge of ways in which we receive a prophesy
  • have knowledge of ways in which we release a prophesy
  • gain practical guidelines on how to release a prophetic prophesy