Learning Outcomes
After completing this chapter, you should have the ability to:

  • know the basics of a regaining self-control and living a pure life from Homosexuality
  • have knowledge on the five levels of homosexuality
  • Be able to apply God’s Word with regards to homosexuality
  • have knowledge of what to discard of and how to “clean the house” in order to get self-control
    in your house and in your mind
  • understand the basics to pastoral counselling when helping a counselee with homosexuality
  • have knowledge and understanding of how to deal with masturbation and how to overcome it
  • have knowledge and understands that if you were homosexual and get married, there are
    certain boundaries and issues to address
  • able to counsel someone with proper biblical background on homosexuality
  • Know the grievance stages and on to rejection and how to deal with rejections with regards to
  • Know how to identify molested victims and how to guide them to overcome this is a healthy
    and godly manner through Christian counselling