Learning Outcomes
After completing this chapter, you should have the ability to:

  • understand and discuss the terminology in relation to the theory in this chapter
  • understand and discuss the story of Rahab and the significance thereof in relation to her
    genealogical relation to Jesus Christ (according to Matthew)
  • explain what the difference is between one’s public and private image with reference to Rahab
    and applying it to counselling
  • understand and biblical significance of acknowledging God
  • understand, explain and apply the theory on how to choose to follow God’s instructions
  • comprehend and discuss the significance of the scarlet cord in the window (according to
    Joshua) in conjunction with your knowledge of covenant
  • understand the importance of dealing with Temptation
  • understand and be able to apply knowledge gained on how to overcome your past
  • gain scriptural knowledge on how to deal with your past and how to counsel with regards to
    this topic