Learning Outcomes
After completing this chapter, you should have the ability to:

  • understand how to integrate practical counselling into the theory that is taught
  • know the role of the Holy Spirit in counselling
  • understand how unforgiveness forms a stronghold and how it affects a person
  • explain that a counsellor needs compassion for people in order to counsel
  • name and explain communicational blocks a counsellor might experience during counselling
  • know how to deal with personal pain and be able to guide someone truth through your
  • discuss ways to combine skills and truth to facilitate change
  • guide your counselee in order to gather pre-counselling background information in order to
    start the counselling process
  • understand how to apply the Five-Circle model in order to diagnose the root problem and
    how to resolve it
  • examine all the facts gathered within your counselling session(s) and use the Trees that
    indicate the roots and fruits of that particular topic in order to get to the root problem of
    the counselee so that true deliverance can be possible
  • complete a counselling form and gather information accurately and that which is of essence
    to be able to interpret facts and provide godly and proper counsel (Case Study)
  • discuss a number of practical issues including the counselling environment, keeping
    records, and the need for the counsellor to look after themselves