Learning Outcomes

After completing this chapter, you should have the ability to

  • understand and discuss who and what angels are
  • understand and discuss the importance of the media’s interest or fascination with angels
  • explain the differences between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ angels
  • explain the significance and importance (purpose and meaning) of angels
  • understand the nature of angel
  • have greater understanding of the ministry of angels and gain more knowledge and facts on
  • comprehend and discuss the importance, function and role of angels in the life of Jesus as the
    Son of God
  • have sound knowledge of the influence of angels
  • comprehend and discuss the fall of the enemy- Satan, how he operates and understand what
    Jesus did on the cross to disable his power over us as Christians
  • have greater understanding of territorial spirits and demonic forces and know how they
  • understand how to prepare in order to engage the works of evil forces by looking at the life of
    Daniel as example
  • know how to engage and activate the working of angels in your own life
  • give sound biblical counsel