Learning Outcomes         
After completing this chapter, you should have the ability to:

  • know the terminology of Abuse
  • have knowledge of what the myths are about abuse
  • understand what abuse are
  • have knowledge and understanding of the different types of child abuse and what symptoms to look out for
  • have complete knowledge how to counsel a child who has been abuses by looking at the effects of abuse, tips how to address a child that has been abused, etc.
  • have knowledge of pedophiles and how they lure children in their cycle of sexual abuse and manipulation
  • know and understand the effects and link to abuse in babies and reactive disorders
  • have knowledge and understanding of counselling adults
  • have sound knowledge and understanding of how to counsel a perpetrator and what signs to
    look out for with regards to their characteristics., and guiding them to rehabilitation
  • have knowledge of recognizing abusive behaviors in your own life and dealing with
    aggression accurately
  • able to counsel a child, teenager, adult or perpetrator or be able to refer them to special
    counselling or further medical and psychiatric help