Year of Understanding

The first year of the three year journey is aimed at giving individuals a firm foundation of Christian counselling. During this year, students will learn about the person as a whole. This will assist students to understand the counselling process. It will also help them to identify unresolved issues in their own lives. We believe that understanding leads to revelation, and that revelation leads to healing.

Year of Application

The second year plays an imperative role in the personal application and development process of the individual. Students will receive practical training whereby they develop their ability to identify, define and confront hardcore issues in order to form accurate patterns of reformation within their own lives and those around them. Discernment is key to be able to differentiate between right and wrong. No one who perseveres through this tough course is ever the same again.

Ministry Year

The Third year is aimed at enforcing everything that was imparted during the first and second year in order to position individuals for their journey in ministry. This year’s subjects will bring greater substance, depth and understanding of how counselling can be used as a tool to have an impact on society